March 29, 2024

Renting an electric car in Dubai – useful information, benefits

Electric car rental in Dubai – features, advantages, important nuances
Dubai is not just one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates. It is something more – a place of power, the heart and breath of a unique eastern country. This is how it is perceived by both locals and travelers. Especially those tourists who choose to explore the sights by car – the benefit of ideal city roads and intercity highways allows you to get unforgettable impressions and positive emotions from autotourism.
If you have made exactly this choice, we recommend that you pay attention to the offers of electric car rental in Dubai. Why it makes sense to prefer electric cars to traditional gasoline and diesel cars, we tell you further.
Advantages of electric car rental in Dubai
To begin with, the development of electric transport in the UAE is supported at the state level. In practice, this is reflected in the following preferences for owners and tenants of electric cars:
• the opportunity to park for free at any of several dozen parking lots for electric vehicles located in different parts of the city;
• getting Salik stickers that allow you to move freely, including on toll highways;
• dedicated lanes for electric cars on highways;
• permission to travel through green areas – unlike cars with internal combustion engines;
• a large number of charging stations throughout the city, including in the most popular and visited public places – near hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, main attractions;
• adaptation to specific conditions of use – electric motors are much less sensitive to the dry, hot climate of the Emirates than traditional diesel or gasoline engines.
In addition, electric cars are easy to operate – they have almost silent running, accelerate almost instantly to speeds of about 200-250 km / h, are maneuverable – which is important in urban traffic jams, and economical – statistics say that charging an electric car is about 10 times cheaper than refueling a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. 

Electric cars are more reliable than traditional vehicles – they have fewer complex parts and elements, which means that the risk of breakdown on the road is minimal. 
In addition, while in the car, you will not feel jerks and vibrations, and high-tech equipment will make the trip as comfortable and intense as possible, allowing you to get new sensations both from driving and from staying in the cabin as a passenger. And, of course, one should not forget about environmental reliability: by renting an electric car, you take care of the cleanliness and well-being of our planet, reducing the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
There is one caveat to keep in mind. Such machines have a limited power reserve without recharging. It can range from 400 to 1000 kilometers or more. Therefore, it is important to plan your car route correctly, including visits to charging stations, and take into account the fact that it takes a lot of time to charge a vehicle – more than half an hour.

Where can I go by electric car in Dubai

This city is not only particularly beautiful and attractive, but also rich in unique places and historical attractions. The decision to rent an electric car opens up almost unlimited opportunities for tourists in this area. 
For example, you can drive along the seashore in the Jumeirah tourist area by electric car, visiting the island of the same name. Or experience all the advantages of a modern vehicle on the 12-lane Sheikh Zayed Road, at the same time exploring the unique Dubai skyscrapers. Or go to the mountain village of Hatta, passing four emirates in succession. Amazing objects and fascinating places are found throughout the route. 
And you can also go to the desert, of course, by choosing a car of the appropriate class for this purpose. It takes less than an hour to get from the center of Dubai to the natural habitats of camels and oryx. 
In short, renting an electric car is a win–win way to increase your mobility in the most reliable, profitable and economical way.
Choosing an electric car – what to pay attention to
Our service offers electric cars for any requests, needs, wishes and financial possibilities. Our fleet includes:
• budget options – the spacious Tesla Model 3 sedan, which has won the affection and respect of connoisseurs, and the powerful SUV with excellent cross-country capability BYD Atto 3;
• worthy representatives of the middle price segment are the comfortable Zeekr 001 sedan with a power reserve of 600 km and the universal Tesla Model Y crossover;
• Premium models – elegant Tesla Model S Plaid, respectable Tesla Model X Plaid, luxury Mercedes EQE and others.
Our rental electric cars are equipped with cruise control and navigation options, autopilot, rear view camera, parking sensors and other modern improvements that make driving simple and comfortable, and trips pleasant and safe.

Useful tips for tenants

To maintain a complete understanding with the landlord from the moment of acquaintance to the moment of farewell, adhere to the important rules of electric car rental:
• have an international driver's license and a passport with you;
• Carefully inspect the vehicle for any damage;
• Check the battery charge level;
• when returning the car, do not be late for the appointed time;
• make sure to hand over the electric car to the landlord clean both from the outside and from the inside;
• Charge the battery.
Compliance with these simple recommendations will help to avoid unnecessary troubles and non-constructive disputes.

Why should you rent an electric car from us?

There are 5 convincing arguments for such a decision.
1. A wide selection of cars for different tasks and financial capabilities of customers.
2. Adequate insurance conditions, reasonable requirements for the tenant, age and experience of the driver.
3. Prompt assistance in case of breakdowns and incidents on the road.
4. Free delivery to the agreed place for long–term rental of an electric car - more than a month.
5. A solid mileage included per day, week or month, for which you will not have to pay extra.
Add to the above reasonable reasonable prices for renting electric vehicles in Dubai – and you will understand that by contacting us you have made the right choice.

Suggested Cars for Rent:



A5, Sedan
  • Engine: 2.0L
  • Leather Seat
  • 360 –°amera
  • Rear View Camera


  • Engine: 1.6L
  • Leather Seat
  • Rear View Camera
  • Cruise control


Micra, Hatchback
  • Engine: 1.5L
  • Rear View Camera
  • Isofix
  • Power Door
Special offer


Model S Plaid, Sedan
  • Engine: Electric
  • Range 595
  • Leather Seat
  • AutoPilot

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