Terms of renting a car in Dubai

Terms & Conditions

Required Documents

The following documents will be required to rent a car with us:

For UAE Residents

  • Valid UAE driving License (minimum 6 month validity)
  • Passport copy, visa page & Emirates ID
  • Credit Card

For Non Residents

  • Valid International Driving License. Visitors from the bellow countries are allowed to drive with their national driving license:

Lithuania, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Serbia, Luxembourg, Iceland, Estonia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta, Albania, Romania, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Spain, Holland, Greece, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, Denmark, Austria, France, Britain, Norway, The Republic of Montenegro, Ukraine, United States of America, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa.

Visitors from the Republic of Korea, Japan, Turkey and Greece are requested to have a translation of their license approved by the Council or Embassy. However we do recommend that an international license be obtained. GCC National licenses are acceptable if drivers are holding a GCC passport / ID. GCC countries are Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Expatriates holding a GCC license are acceptable provided that the driver must have a valid resident visa for the GCC country that has issued the license. In the case of expatriates are in possession of a resident visa, a UAE driver’s license must be presented. If the UAE license is less than six months, a home country license should be produced together with the UAE license. Drivers from other countries must have a valid International license plus their own National license.

  • Passport Copy with visa entry stamp
  • Credit Card

Minimum driver age is 23 years. For additional drivers same as above requirements apply. Original documents shall be presented at the time of rental.

Insurance Terms

Insurance Type Hirer at fault Hirer not at fault Unknown damage
Comprehensive Insurance Excess amount payable Zero Excess Excess amount payable
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Zero Excess Zero Excess Zero Excess

Tyre damage, wheel caps damage, aerials and windscreens are not covered by insurance. Insurance doesn't cover damages that happened as a result of off road driving, towing, racing, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or any other activity in violation of UAE law. Loss or damage to personal items is not covered under the terms of the insurance. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs renders the insurance invalid. N.B. Alcohol limit is ZERO.

Insurance coverage is for vehicle use in U.A.E only. Police report must be obtained at all times in the event of an accident or damage to the car. If the Hirer fails to produce a valid police report to Yeti Car Rental LLC, all charges incurred will be the responsibility of the rentee, even in case CDW was taken. No replacement vehicle will be given and rental charges will continue until a police report is received along with any other relevant documents.

Minimum Driver age should be 23 years old

In case of accident If Driver age is 23-25 years additional fees will apply.

No replacement vehicle will be provided and rental charges will continue until a police report is received along with any other relevant documents.

Rental Payment & Security Deposit

For online payments Credit/Debit Card details will be provided directly to payment gateway provider through secure connection.

Valid Credit Card is mandatory for security blocking at a time of rental. The security blocking may be used to cover any additional charges arise during the car rental period. E.g.fuel, rental period extension, accident or damage charges, toll road crossing (Salik) and traffic fines. By signing the rental agreement, the Hirer authorise Yeti Car Rental LLC to charge provided credit card for any additional charges mentioned above.

Car delivery timing is from 9:00 to 19:00 UAE local time, delivery to be confirmed by Yeti Car Rental after the booking is done, delivery charges apply. Car delivery in non working hours will be possible with prior request done at least 24 hours before the booking.


  1. Toll Road (Salik) 5 AED per crossing ( applicable in Dubai only ) other Emirates Toll gate charges are subject to a service charge of 1 AED per each crossing.
  2. If the car is returned with less petrol, 10 AED refueling charges applicable plus actual cost of petrol.
  3. Service charge for traffic fines - 50 AED
  4. Airport Parking Fee As determined by the Airport location
  5. Additional Driver AED 60 (One Time Charge)
  6. Baby Car Seat AED30/- Daily , AED150/- Weekly , AED300/- Monthly**AED850/-
  1. Refundable security deposit will be blocked on Customer credit card. Security deposit for every car is mentioned on our website as well as you can contact us for more information on security blocking.
  2. Mileage allowance is 250km/day for daily and weekly rentals and 4,500 km for monthly rentals, extra km is charged AED 0,5 per 1 extra km for economy cars. Please contact us for Information on extra kilometre charges for Luxury cars.
  3. If the car key is locked inside the car, AED50 will be charged to unlock the car. Lost key charges will be provided separately and will vary depending on car model.

Online/Prepaid Terms & Refund Policy


Online reservation - car rental booking request made on yetiuae.com web site.

Booking date - rent start date that customer mentioned in online reservation

Ancillary charges - Payments for salik, traffic fines, baby seat, and other items provided additional to the car

Ancillary items - baby seat, GPS and other items provided additional to the car.

Online reservation shall be paid by the credit card that belongs to the person who will be entering in car rental agreement, if booking have been paid by another person then booking will be not valid and no refund will be provided. By paying for the reservation online customer authorise Yeti Car Rental LLC to charge the same card for any other ancillary charges arise from the use of rented vehicle during rental period. Renters credit card shall be present at the time of rental and shall have enough funds to cover security deposit. Online reservation does not constitute a car rental agreement. Car rental agreement will be entered into at the time of rental and shall be signed by the customer.

Reservation Amendment

Online reservation can be amended through sending an email to [email protected], any change in charges will be recalculate and informed to the customer. Amendment charge of 40 AED will apply. Customer name for the reservation can not be changed, if customer is willing to change the name then booking shall be canceled (cancelation terms will apply) and new online reservation shall be done. Any additional charge applicable for amendment of online reservation shall be paid separately. All amendment request shall be subject to availability of the vehicle, ancillary items or service provided.

Cancelation Policy

Reservation can be canceled by the customer 48 hours prior to the booking date specified in online reservation, cancelation fee of 90 AED will apply. If online reservation is canceled less than 48 hours before the booking date, the customer will be charged one day rental rate plus 90 AED cancelation fee. No refund will be provided in case customer does not have proper documents at the time of rental. No refund for unused days if the car is returned prior to rental end date. No refund if the customer did not show up at an agreed date and the booking was not canceled prior to the booking date. Refunds will be made to the customer in 20 working days.

Rent Extension

If customer is willing to extend the rent he should notify Yeti Car Rental, additional charges will apply and will be charged from the customer.

Accident, Damage, Theft & Confiscation

In the event of Accident, or any damage to the vehicle, including missing parts, the Lessee must not remove the vehicle from the scene of the accident. Lessee should call the police immediately and obtain a police report. Accident or Damaged vehicle will not be accepted without a valid police report. The police report must be obtained at the time of the accident or as soon as any damage to the vehicle is caused or observed.

Tires and windscreen damage are not covered by insurance.

The Police Report must be submitted to the Lessor immediately once received by authorities. Failing which, Lessee is liable to pay the rent and entire damages to the vehicle as well as damage incurred to other parties and rent of any replacement vehicle that might be requested. Replacement vehicle would be provided only after police report provided to the Lessor.

Lessee is not allowed to repair the vehicle and / or replace any part of hired vehicle.

In the event of confiscation due to misuse of vehicle and any other circumstances, the Lessee is responsible to pay the entire cost of damage to the Lessor such as the full value of the vehicle, fines, claims of third party or any other related expenses.

The insurance policy may be voided if the Lessee violated with the terms specified herein. In this case, the Lessee shall be liable and has to pay for all costs, damages, and losses incurred.


The Renter and/or Authorized Driver agrees to use the vehicle carefully, and:

  • Not use the vehicle for transportation of any illegal or banned items (such as alcohol, drugs, etc.) as well as inflammable, explosive or corrosive materials.
  • Not carry, or allow the vehicle to carry passengers more than the allowed seating capacity of the vehicle.
  • Not drive the vehicle when under the influence of alcohol or any drugs.
  • Not drive the car outside UAE.
  • Not carry passengers for hire or reward.
  • Not to use vehicle in any motor sports, race, towing, material carriage activity, (except light personal luggage) or any other activities that may damage the vehicle.
  • Not to use the vehicle for off road driving.
  • Not to drive or allow to drive a person who are not included in the authorized driver.
  • Not use the vehicle for subletting.
  • Not use the vehicle in contravention of any Law.
  • Not to smoke in the vehicle (Fine apply).


Lessee undertakes to indemnify the Lessor and/or its subsidiaries, and/or employees, against all claims and demands which may be made against the Company, arising from or connected with the Lessee’s use of the vehicle or way of its driving while the vehicle is in the possession of the Lessee.

Privacy policy

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